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Schedule a Service Appointment For Your Car Without a Hitch


Paul Miller Auto Outlet knows that sometimes scheduling anything that benefits us can easily slip our minds. Life gets busy and we simply forget! One thing that's always easy, however, is scheduling a service appointment for your vehicle through our top-tier service center, proudly serving Lexington, Georgetown, Richmond, Nicholasville and Frankfort. 

If your vehicle could use a little tender love and care, then now is the perfect time to schedule an appointment with our expert technicians. Our staff is trained extensively in their field and they can take care of anything from basic maintenance and service to more complicated matters like repairing or replacing a part all together. You can come to us for needs such as oil changes and tire rotations, tire installations, front end alignments, brake pad replacements, fluid replenishments, brake inspections, state inspection stickers and much more. 

We're also fully equipped to make any of those tough repairs that are essential in keeping your vehicle running safely, and subsequently, keeping you safe. We'll tackle whatever issue is evolving with your vehicle and address it in the most professional and timely manner. We know how important your vehicle is to you and your daily routine, so our goal is always to get it back to you as soon as possible in the best shape achievable. 

If you know your vehicle is due for some service, maintenance, repair or needs a couple new parts or accessories, schedule online today. You can also call us at (866) 572-6043. We look forward to taking a peek under your hood in the very near future.